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Geography of Metal: from where the best albums of the year come / Update #1: March 2017.

We are rapidly approaching the first quarter of 2017 and in these first months of the year we could alrady listen and select a good bunch of metal albums. The most interesting albums we heard so far are indicated below; they are also organized into the different Continents of origin. As you can see the list is today dominated by Europe, which actually provided more than 50% of the total albums we selected.

We’ll update this chart regularly, so stay tuned and check for future evolutions of this geographical review of the best metal albums.

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North America

  1. Obituary (United States). The legendary death metal band from Florida returns with their self-titled 10th studio album. Despite being one of the most successful death metal bands of all time (these guys are approaching 30 years of musical career), there is no sing of slowing down and this release keeps all the good elements of their last succesfull albums.
  2. Power Trip (United States). This group of hardcore metallers from Texas released one of the best thrash album you will possibly hear this year, named Nightmare Logic.
  3. Havok (United States). The thrash metal monsters from Denver, Colorado, published the fourth album of their career, Conformicide.
  4. Code Orange (United States). The hardcore/metalcore band from Pennsylvania released their third studio album, Forever, which is also the band’s debut with a major label (Roadrunner). Here in this blog the album was selected as the best metal release in January 2017.
  5. Final Drive (United States). This four piece band from St.Louis in Missouri delivers a furious and energic southern groove thrash metal. Their last work, Dig Deeper, is the fifth of their career since their debut in 2004.

South America

  1. Austral (Chile). We eventually encountered this relatively young and unsigned folk metal band from Santiago del Chile, which released a very interesting studio album, named Patagonia. You must check it out.


  1. Memoriam (England). Former members of Bolt Thrower and Benediction joined  their efforts in this new metal project. Their debut album, For the Fallen,  somehow continues where Bolth Thrower left off and delivers a solid old school death metal with dense atmospheres and beautiful vocals.
  2. Primal Attack (Portugal). This is a very promising thrash metal outfit from Lisbon, which published in early 2017 the second album of their career,  named Heartless Oppressor. Nominated here in this blog as best thrash album of February 2017.
  3. The Project Hate MCMXCIX (Sweden). The industrial & experimental death metal project led by Lord K Philipson released another great album, named Of Chaos And Carnal Pleasures, which here in this blog topped the metal chart in February 2017.
  4. Dead Trails (England). This young death metal band from Salisbury has published their debut self-titled album, packed with fast paced, aggressive and well written songs.
  5. Solitary (England). A band of long-term metallers from Lancashire which released an enjoable and energetic old-school thrash metal album, named The Diseased Heart Of Society.
  6. Swarm (France). This is a young metal band from French Riviera which has released their first LP, Divisions & DisharmonyThe album presents a good blend of groove, thrash and hardcore and we shall definitely monitor their future steps.
  7. Decadence (Sweden). One of the many good metal bands from North Europe. This is a thrash metal quintet from Stockholm which published Undergrounder, the fifth full-length album of their career.
  8. Zerozonic (Norway). An interesting group of groove metallers from Kristiansand, which published a self-titled studio album interrupting a five-year hiatus since their previous release.
  9. Soen (Sweden). The progressive metal supergroup (originally featuring former Opeth drummer Martin Lopez and monster bassist Steve Di Giorgio) has released the third full-lenght studio album, Lykaia, which presents heavy traces of Tool and Anathema.
  10. Angry Again (Switzerland). An unsigned thrash/groove metal band from St. Gallen, which released their second full-lenght album, named Divide and Conquer.
  11. Asyllex (Faroe Islands). Maybe the youngest band of this chart, this is an unsigned thrash metal outfit coming from Famjin and inspired by bands like Kreator, Megadeth and Arch Enemy. They have released their debut album, named War Order.
  12. Battle Beast (Finland). These heavy & power metallers from Helsinki have released their fourth album, Bringer of Pain, which is rich of polished and entertaining heavy metal tracks but is definitely not interesting as their previous works (this can largely be attributed to the departure of original guitarist and main songwriter of the band).
  13. Opposer (Spain). This is a band from Cantabria that plays an old school mixture of death and thrash metal. They have published their new album, Darkest Path, which is full of 80’s  and  90’s  influences.


  1. Violet Cold (Azerbaijan). The experimental one-man band from Baku has published what we expect will remain as one of the finest and most elegant metal releases of 2017, named Anomie. This is a pure gem: an impressively immediate album which contains a selection of wonderful atmospheric black metal songs.
  2. Serenity in Murder (Japan). The symphonic female-fronted melodic death metal quinted from Tokyo has published the third full-lenght album of their career, named Eclipse. Nice songs if you like the epic approach to metal.

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