Good and Free: KAUAN Live | 26​.​02​.​2016

Here in this website we simply love Kauan. They are tyipically defined as atmospheric doom metal band, or post-rock, or ambient metal. We just don’t care. These musicians from Ukraine compose and play the most beautiful and introspective music you may possibly hear all around, tags don’t make too much sense. A few days ago this incrdedible band has given us another beautiful gift: we can download (for free) a masterful live performance in which they played their last two albums, Pirut and Sorni Nai, in their entirety.

The show is also available with full-HD video on Youtube.


Sorni Nai, released on October 2015, is Kauan’s wonderful sixth studio album. Sorni Nai is a sort of concept album actually consiting of one single song divived into seven chapters. Sorni Nai tells the story of the mysterious, controversial and still unsolved “Dyatlov Pass” incident, happened in 1959, when six experienced explorers died during an expectidion in the northern Ural region of Russia (check the story, it’s very interesting and creepy).

Two years before, in 2013, Kauan published Pirut, another single forty-minute track where the band revisited their angry folk/doom roots.

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