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March 2017, Best Metal Album: For the Fallen by Memoriam

MEMORIAM - 1280x300

This is a celebration of life through Death Metal (Memoriam)

On September 2015, at the age of 38, Martin “Kiddie” Kearns, who was the longtime drummer of legendary death metal cult band Bolt Thrower, died unexpectedly precisely at the time when the British band was going to commence a tour in Australia. Their last full length release dated back to 2005, and no signs of a new record were in the air. On September 2016, in occasion of the first anniversary of Kearns’ death, Bolt Thrower announced on their website that they would not continue with the band.

For many metal fans, Bolt Thrower have been a precious gem in the music scene at the turn of the century. Their music was absolutely fantastic, with no compromises in quality, and as a matter of fact their songs continue to find their room in our music players despite the passing of time. Given such a background, one can easily understand the level of excitement generated by the announcement of the creation of this super group called Memoriam.

Memoriam is in fact a new Death metal band consistings of two former members of Bolt Thrower, namely the singer Karl Willets and the original drummer Andy Whale, joined by former Benediction’s Frank Healy on bass and Cerebral Fix’s Scott Fairfax on guitar. Leveraging their substantial and proud Death Metal heritage, the four metal heroes started playing together in a number of festivals and eventually released their debut album, For the Fallen.

So after less than a year of Bolt Thrower’s end, Karl and his loyal buddies joined forces in paying homage to their brother in the best way they could: by making music. And here is where Memoriam begins. (Metal Wani)

The immediate feeling you get listening to this fantastic album is how everything in the disc sounds so familiar, in the good sense of the term. It really seems that time has rewound back and now the the sadness we experienced for the loss of one of the most influential bands of the metal scene can be replaced by the knowledge that nothing is lost and the class and charisma of these musicians were not dissolved with the years.

The rapid, syncopated bombardments result in powerful, hookladen death metal songs: modern-sounding but born from old-school craftsmanship (TeamRock)

There is litte more to add. If you’ve been loving that particular type of Death Metal which emerged –  first in England and then in the rest of the World – at the end of the last century, you will definitely appreciate this record. For everyone else, in any case, this debut album by Memoriam is objectively an excellent job and full of interesting songs. It will remain in our music players for a long time, as it happend for all the records by Bolt Thrower.

Guerino’s rating: 8 / 10.






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