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Early Plays: Is This The Life We Really Want? by Roger Waters

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Legendary progressive master Roger Waters, universally acclaimed as the co-founder and conceptual leader of the Pink Floyd where he played until 1985, is about to release a new album on next June 2017, named Is This The Life We Really Want? . The album is an event by itself if only because his previous studio work, if we exclude the classical soundtrack Ça Ira, dates back to 1992.

A few days ago Waters shared the first single from the forthcoming album, Smell the Roses. Probably the peculiarity of this song is that the British musician has managed to capture on the record the same sounds and sonorities that made him famous in the 70s. It almost seems to hear the famous Have a Cigar from the milestone album Wish You Were Here, mostly for the music and partially for the topics discussed.

Maybe the fact itself that we are here today reviewing a track that sounds like a Pink Floyd disc of forty years ago can be both a positive element (we are talking about some of the most beautiful music ever released in the history of modern music), but perhaps also a limit of this new production from Waters. Probably the best thing to do right now is simply to let us be seduced by this new song – that’s very profound and provocative – and wait for the full disc give a more complete review.

3 comments on “Early Plays: Is This The Life We Really Want? by Roger Waters

  1. I’m glad I found your post .
    I didn’t know Roger was bringing out a new album. How intriguing !
    Thanks for letting us floydies know🤘

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  2. P.d I liked the track too😄🚀

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