We Will Miss You.

As soon as I was informed about the death of Chris Cornell I was literally taken by a big shock. I feel as every work I could say now might seem empty and trivial. Furthermore, I realize that the familiarity that I have with the English language (which is not my mother tonuge) does not allow me to represent properly the complexity of the emotions which I feel in this moment, which fluctuate between deep sadness and (I must admit) a bit of anger.

I’ve read on Wikipedia that Chris leaves two daughters and a boy of twelve years, the same age of my kid. I can’t definitely imagine the level of suffering he went through if the only idea to give up the smiles of his boy didn’t stop him doing what he did. I’m thinking of the man, at the moment, more than the musician.

Reast in Peace, Chris. You will be missed.

The following clip is from his last concert in Detroit. The Day I Tried to Live.



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