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The Best Thrash Metal Bands of 2017: Guerino’s Selection + MIXED PLAYLIST with 2 HOURS of PURE THRASH ENJOYMENT

We’re rapidly approaching the middle of the year, and we have already enjoyed a good number of excellent thrash metal releases. Here is my personal list with the best thrash metal bands of 2017, presented in the same order as I listened to them throughout the year.

But there is much more than that. I’ve prepared also a mix with the best songs from these bands: 16 bands, 2 songs per each band, more than 2 hours of pure metal enjoyment for your hears! You can access the mix from the widget just below the list.

Here is the list with the best thrash metal bands of 2017 (so far!):

  • ANGRY AGAIN (from Switzerland). This new interesting quartet published this year the second album of their career, Divide and Conquer, which presents a beautiful combination of thrash metal and groove.
  • ZEROZONIC (from Norway). Another Groove/thrash metal band, another great album. Zerozonic, the self-titled release from the group, is the fourth full-lenght album of their career.
  • PRIMAL ATTACK (from Portugal). One of the real surprises of the year. This incredible quintet from Lisbon released one of the best albums of the year, Heartless Oppressor. Thrash/groove metal at its best.
  • POWER TRIP (from United States of America). Nightmare Logic, the second crushing album from the Texans hardcore thrashers is a valid candidate for the best metal album of the year, across all genres. You know now what to expect.
  • DECADENCE (from Sweden). Undergrounder, the fifht full-lengt album released by the nordic metallers, closes a period of 8 years of silence and offers a very good example of melodic thrash metal.
  • SOLITARY (from England). 20 years of career, only three albums released. Based on that, the publication of The Diseased Heart of Society should be by itself treated as an event! The album is also a worthy representative of old-school thrash music.
  • ASYLLEX (from Faroe Islands). Faroe Islands? Yes, Faroe Islands! After a few years of playing together, this new quintet released a very interesting and promising debut, named War Order.
  • SWARM (from France). Division & Disharmony is the debut album from the group and it’s the result of five years of playing together and refining this enjoable mix of thrash, groove and hardcore.
  • AUSTRAL (from Chile). Patagonia is the interesting debut full-lenght work from these new band from Santiago and it offers a nice and enjoyable version of thrash metal characterized by latin influences.
  • HAVOK (from United States of America). The American thrash metal masters from Denver have published another musical masterpiece. Conformicide, their fourth and most recent studio album, is a musical war machine and shows the band at a peak in their career.
  • HEART ATTACK (from France). This quartet from Cannes has published The Resilience, the second album of their career and another great example of modern thrash/groove metal.
  • WARBRINGER (from United States of America).The Americal metal band is approaching the first decade of activity and with their last album, Woe to the Vanquished, they offer one of the most violent version of modern thrash metal.
  • FORESEEN (from Finland). Exciting thrash metal and crossover from Scandinavia. Grave Danger is the second album from the Finnish metallers and it partially confirms the great expectations after their incredible debut in 2014.
  • VOICE OF RUIN (from Switzerland). The second Swiss band in the list. Is it casual or maybe a clue to something larger? Anyway, Purge and Purify, the second LP from this band, is another good example of groove/thrash and I enjoyed it a lot.
  • ELBERETH (from Spain). This is an heavy/thrash metal band from Legazpi (Basque Country) that has already accumulated ten years of honest musical career. Karma is their fourth full-lenght album and it’s a very nice one.
  • DAGA (from Bolivia). Voices Within, the second LP from these metallers from Cochabamba, is an incredible album of death & thrash and it arrives 12 years after their debut album (!!). Definitely recommended.

This was the selection of the best thrash metal bands that I heard so far in 2017. As promised, I also prepared a mixed playlist with two songs per each group. Enjoy!!


2 comments on “The Best Thrash Metal Bands of 2017: Guerino’s Selection + MIXED PLAYLIST with 2 HOURS of PURE THRASH ENJOYMENT

  1. Gran bella lista!


  2. Can´t believe we are on the list!Thanks a lot! Stay metal!


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