metal Mixtape Series - This is Going to Hurt

THIS IS GOING TO HURT – The Best New Thrash Metal Songs, Volume 01 (June 2017)

After the recently released two new series on Indie Pop and Indie Rock, I’m inaugurating a similar series of 30′ metal mixtapes with the best new thrash songs which I selected among the official albums released in the last few months. This series, named THIS IS GOING TO HURT, will become ideally a regular entry of the blog and you’ll find an update every time I collect another bunch of new songs to share with you.

As usual, here is the widget for listening to the mixtape, followed by a short commentary of the bands and the songs included in the playlist. Enjoy!


The special guest of this playlist is Municipal Waste, the old-school crossover thrash band from Richmond, Virginia. These funny but talented musicians have been around since 2001, but their sound is firmly rooted in the legacy of twentyth century thrash. After a five years period of silence, they’re now back with Slime and Punishment, their sixth studio album, dropped on June 23rd. The work is very good, filled with the usual attack of “party thrash” short and speedy songs (the total duration of the album is less than 30 minutes), this time played with particular precision and an unusual care for the small details. I’ve selected two songs form the album, one for the start and one of the ending of the mixtape. These are, respectively, Dingy Situations, which higlights the skills of the new guitarist Nick “Nikropolis” Poulos, and the title track Slime and Punishment.



Just a few milliseconds after the ending of the first track of the playlist we hear the brutal attack of P.S., the fiery and energetic song taken from Elbereth‘s last work, Karma. The quintet from Legazpi in the Basque country has released on May 2nd the fourth album of their career, from which I selected the second entry of the playlist. This year we’re listening a lot of good music coming from the Iberian Peninsula, something which arrives as a sort of very good surprise.

ELBERETH - 1280x300


Third track of the mixtape is Blood Of Religions by Swiss thrasher Voice of Ruin. Their second album, Purge and Purify, was released on May 12, 2017, and it’s one of the most interesting releases from the new generations of thrash bands. Despite the fact that they’re just at the beginning of their promising career, these five guys from Nyon have already shared the stage with metal giants of the calibre of Hatebreed, Children Of Bodom, and Entombed. It’s evident that they have studied and learned from the masters the difficult art of pleasantness, something that it’s not taken from granted in metal.

VOICE OF RUIN - 1280x300


Next song in the list brings us to France, where the band Heart Attack has recently relesaed their new album, The Resilience.  This is a relatively young band (formed in 2009, first LP in 2013) whose style is clearly inspired by the legacy of Pantera and Machine Head, but with the addition of a few peculiar elements which make their music much more interesting than a mere plagiarism of the giants of the past. The song selected for the mixtape, Burn My Flesh, shows a nice guitar work and a series of engaging grooves, supported by a solid rhythmic section.

HEART ATTACK - 1280x300


With Bloodline, by the Finnish Foreseen, we enter into the second part of the mixtape. The song is included in Grave Danger, the new album that the band released on April 23, 2017. The five guys from Helsinki have elaborated a fierce mix of hardcore, thrash, punk and death metal which permeates all the 8 furious and merciless tracks of the album. If it’s true that the Scandinavian countries, and especially Finland, are typically associated with a kind of suggestive and melodic metal, then this group represents a fierce reaction to this cliché.

FORESEEN - 1280x300


Track number 6 of the mixtape brings us back to the U.S.. The song is Remain Violent, from Woe to the Vanquished, which is the fifth studio album by the American thrash metal band Warbringer. The album, released on March 31, 2017, is the first published after the period of inactivity which the band experienced in 2014, when most of the members of band departed to pursue other projects. The new formation for Warbringer debuted a few years after this moment of internal restructuring. Last year the new lineup started working on the material which ended up in the current release, which is a strong and substantial thrash album.

WARBRINGER - 1280x300


Near to the end of the playlist – before the second and concluding track I’ve selected from Municipal Waste’s last album, we find the beautiful Wake Up taken from Conformicide, the fourth studio full-lenght disc by the American thrash-metal masters Havok. With this work the guys from Colorado interrupt the four year break since their beautiful 2013’s Unnatural Selection, and as it’s almost usual with this band, there is again a new change in the lineup. Despite the changes, however, the band leader David Sanchez managed once again to put together a solid collection of enjoyable and aggressive old-school thrash songs. As a matter of fact, both Havok’s sound and songwriting skills have improved a lot with the time. As a result, the overall level of their last works is really good and Conformicide, in particular, can considered as their best work so far. There are a couple of songs which stand out for their brilliance, Wake Up being one of them, and in fact their songs have nowadays a stable presence in most of the metal playlists that are published in this blog.

HAVOK - 1280x300


If you liked this mixtape, you may want to hear (or hear again) the two other series of mixtapes recently inaugurated in the blog:

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