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I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT – Volume 2 – The Best New Rock Songs (July 2017)

The last few weeks have been quite good for the rock scene with a few major releases and also some nice surprises. I’ve collected the best new songs of this period and created the second volume of the mixtape series dedicated to rock music (see here for Volume 1).

The second volume of I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT features new entries from bands such as 311Hundredth and Royal Blood. All of them have dropped a new LP in the recent times, I’ve selected the best songs and mixed these together with a few other powerful tracks from the best rock albums of the year. The full list of rock bands featured in this second volume of the series includes You Me At SixNickelbackCloud Nothings, Carousel Kings and AFI.

The result is one of the strongest mix you will listen in this period: 30 minutes of energy, passion and even a few moments of reflection. Enjoy the mix, and you can also scroll down the page after the widget for a few additional information on the new bands that have been included in the mix.

First song of the mix is Disarray by the American rock band Hundredth, and it’s taken from their last album, RARE, released on mid June 2017. The album signs a new direction for the band: with this LP the four rockers have embraced a more melodic and “new wave” oriented approach which is definitely different (and maybe more enjoyable) than the melodic hardcore for which they were known in the past. Thanks to their new sound, which I definitely like, RARE became one of the most surprising releases of the last weeks to me, and I decided to put one of its songs as the opening track of the playlist.

HUNDREDTH - 1280x300


Among the new bands that entered the mixtape series we have the British rock duo Royal Blood with their awaited second album, How Did We Get So Dark?, which follows their eponymous succesful debut of three years ago. Even if I was expecting maybe something different in terms of musical evolution and innovation, the album presents that brilliant mix of hard rock and blues which made them earn quite a good reputation in the rock scene. The song which I selected for the mixtape, Hole In Your Heart, looks as one of the best and maybe more genuine tracks of the album.

ROYAL BLOOD - 1280x300


Readers of the blog remember that Mosaic, which is the last LP from the American rock band 311 (three-eleven), was awarded on last June with the title of best rock album of the month. This is the twelfth studio album of the band and it has already received very good reviews from both music critics and fans. Possibly one of the most complete rock albums of the last few months, Mosaic keeps the band’s unique mix of rap, rock and reggae but at same time it introduces a few additional elements in their palette of sounds, which make the album somehow new and refreshing. Plus One, which is the track included in the mix, is in fact more focused on alternative-rock sounds rather than their more convential musical style.

311 - 1280x300

As anticipated, in addition to the three bands I mentioned above, the mixtapes features other songs taken by albums that were already introduced and commented in previous posts of the blog.

The full playlists of the two volumes of the series is provided below. Enjoy!

I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT – Volume 1 (June 2017)

  1. No Montage by ’68
  2. Silent Majority by Nickelback
  3. Llass Los by Die Toten Hosen
  4. III Ray (The King) by Kasabian
  5. Daisy by Wavves
  6. P.S. by Flatfoot56
  7. Good Luck by Lucky Boys Confusion
  8. Gud Gurls by Buttercup
  9. Cobblestones by Nothington
  10. Fool’s Gold by Carousel Kings


I FOUND ANOTHER BEAT – Volume 2 (July 2017)

  1. Intro / Protests in Hamburg for the G20 by Guerino
  2. Disarray by Hundredth
  3. Plus One by You Me At Six
  4. Hole In Your Heart by Royal Blood
  5. Perfect Mistake by 311
  6. Feed The Machine by Nickelback
  7. Something Isn’t Right by Carousel Kings
  8. Realize My Fate by Cloud Nothings
  9. Still a Stranger by AFI


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