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CRESTS OF WAVES (Volume 2) – The Best of Modern Pop

Among the new mixtape series that I launched in the last few months, CREST OF WAVES has been one of the most appreciated by the followers of the blog and also in terms of total number of listens.

Hoping to confirm the good debut for this new brand of mixtapes, here it is the second volume of the CREST OF WAVES series, which continues our journey through the latest and best releases within the elegant world of indie pop.

This second volume features three main new entries, i.e. Choir Vandals, Waxahatchee and The Charlatans. I’ve selected the best songs of their recent works and put them together with other beautiful albums of the last few months (some of these appearing also in the volume 1 of the series, but of course with different tracks).

As usual, you can find additional information on the mixtape just after the widget.

The special guests of this edition of CREST OF WAVES are Choir Vandals, a new band of indie pop & alternative rockers from Missouri. These guys have just released a very interesting debut album, named Dark Glow, which collects a good number of great songs which move in a suprisingly natural way between pop and punk. As a debut album, this work seems to anticipate great things for these musicians, which I will definitely start to track. I’ve taken two songs from their album: Lucifer Yellow which opens the mixtape after my short intro, and Hard to Hold, which is the concluding track of the playlist.

CHOIR VANDALS - 1280x300


The following track of the playlist comes from the suprising last album by Waxahatchee, the indie music project formed in 2010 by the American singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield. That’s a marvellous album which sees the American artist conveying an uninterrupted flow of emotions throughout all the 10 tracks of the album. Musically speaking, the LP shows which remarkable level of maturity in songwrting Katie Crutchfield has reached today, and it’s not difficult to say that the album is the best result she has reached so far since the start of this project. The song I’ve chosen for the playlist is the beautiful Silver, which will make you think of The Cranberries but with a low-fi production.

WAXAHATCHEE - 1280x300


Next song in the playlist is Plastic Machinery by The Charlatans, the English indie rock band which published this year the 13th album of their long career, named Different Days. The band has never shocked its fanbase for any dramatical evolution of their sound and in fact, even in this work, we find just a few variations of their consolidated blend of britpop and alternative rock.



The remaining tracks of the playlist explore the repertoire of the songs that have been released this year by other bands that I had already the opportunity to introduce in the previous posts of the blog. Specifically, the mixtpale features Elbow (which were awarded as best indie pop album of last February), Cigarettes after Sex (which opened the first volume of CREST OF WAVES), and Thunder Dreamer (the dreamy rock from Indiana which gained a very good rank in the mid-year chart with the best of pop).


I hope you enjoyed the playlist. Belowe you can access the previous edition of the CREST OF WAVES mixtape series.

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