Brand New Singles in ROCK: Circa Survive, Citizen, Metz and QOTSA

While listening to the endless rock playlists on Spotify I recently came across to a few particularly interesting songs which anticipate a number of new rock albums expected for the next few months. I’m sharing these songs with you, we will then understand together if the first impressions we get today will be confirmed or not once the complete LPs will be out.


Lustration is the new single released by Circa Survive, the American alternative rock band from Philadelphia. The song has been shared in anticipation of their upcoming album, The Amulet, which  will be out on late September 2017. The intersting thing about this band is their incessant effort to aim a little higher with every album they publish. And the single seems to confirm this trend. We’ll see once the album will be out in a couple of months.


Citizen is a relatively new American rock band which has however already published a couple of interesting albums ranging from indie rock to emo pop. In view of their forthcoming third LP, As You Please, expected for early October 2017, the band has shared a very nice single, named Jet, which sets now quite high expectations for the new album.


Metz is a Canadian noise rock band which has managed to craft a quite unique blend of bruising sounds with softer and more melodic sonorities. The three guys from Ontario are about to publish their third full-lenght album, named Strange Peace, which is expected for late September 2017, and have already shared a captivating track, Cellophane, which show the great work they’ve done in the last few years but also the impressive capabilities of Steve Albini as main studio producer (who’s also behind the last great album by Cloud Nothings).


Queens Of The Stone Age don’t need so many introductions. The american rock band, formed in 1996 from the ashes of legendary Kyuss, has become with the years one of the most charismatic groups in alternative rock, if only because of the impressive list of musicians who contributed to the 6 albums that the band released so far, including artists of the caliber of Mark Lanegan, Dave Grohl and of course long-term stoner figures such as Nick Oliveri and Alfredo Hernández. Josh Homme, the leader of the band and the only original member since its formation, has incrementally widened the distance between the sound of the band and his stoner rock origins. And the single which anticipates the new album (Villains,  to be released on August 25, 2017) seems to confirm another step in this direction. The song, named The Way You Used to Do, is basically a simple bluesy track with a catchy melody and minimal drumbeats.


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