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The 10 Best Punk Rock Albums of the Year (updated)

Inspired by a business trip I’m planning to do in a few days in UK, I decided to refresh the chart with the best punk rock albums of the year. There are a few interesting new entries in the list, but the chart is starting to consolidate around a number of groups that most probably will remain close to their current positions until the end of 2017. For the records, this edition of the punk chart features 6 bands from the US, 2 from the UK, 1 from Canada and 1 from Germany.


#1) Modern Ruin by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes


FRANK CARTER - Modern Ruins - 800x800.jpg

Modern Ruin is the second album released by English punk rock band capitanated by former Gallows frontman Frank Carter, here supported by Dean Richardson, Thomas Mitchener and Gareth Grover (The Rattlesnakes). Released on January 2017, this album immediately topped all the music charts of this blog and still remains one of the best LPs across al genres. It’s an incredible compilation of energetic and catchy songs supported by an incredible sound which magnifies the fantastic voice of the band leader. This can’t really miss in your collection.


#2) The Knife by Goldfinger


GOLDFINGER - The Knife - 800x800

One of the best albums released during the summer, The Knife is the seventh studio album by American ska punk band Goldfinger. This work arrives after the total revolution of the lineup operated by the leader and veteran rocker John Feldman, who basically sacked all the previous musicians of the band and created a sort of punk supergroup featuring the almighty drummer Travis Barker (Blink-182), talented bassist Mike Herrera and Story of the Year’s rhythm guitarist Philip Sneed. The result is one of the more enjoyable and refreshing rock albums of 2017.


#3) Laune Der Nature by Die Toten Hosen


DIE TOTEN HOSEN - Laune Der Nature - 800x800.jpg

Laure Den Nature is the new album from German punk rock veterans Die Toten Hosen, the seventeenth studio album in their large discography. It’s evident how these rockers from Dusseldorf still have a lot to say after so many years of playing together, and the album is a recommended listen in particular for those that are not familiar with these German punkers. Combat rock from Germany, sehr gut!


#4) 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory by Dropkick Murphys


DROPKICK MURPHYS - 11 Stories of Pain & Glory - 800x800.jpg

Hardcore Celtic-Punkers Dropkick Murphys have been rocking the scene for over twenty years and their last album, 11 Short Stories of Pain & Glory, is the ninth of their long career. Musically speaking, this work presents their signature irish-inspired rock sound, without to much innovation or diversion from the successful recipe that they have been perfectioning through time. Catchy anthems, celtic rocking melodies, fast and fun energetic song. As a side note, most of the songs are inspired from the work that the band did in support of the The Claddagh Fund, a charity organization which the band established since 2009 for actively helping the drug recovery community and other children’s and veteran’s organizations. As a result, most of the tracks are permeated with a sense of positive energy, a sort of encouragement to go beyond the little or big failures that we may encounter in our lives.


#5) American Beauty by CJ Ramone 


CJ RAMONE - American Beauty - 800x800

CJ Ramone was the “young guy” within the Ramones and the last one to join the band when the punk rock masters were playing their songs in the last part of their influential career. After they retired, CJ eventually started a solo career which has already generated a few albums. American Beauty is the last release of CJ Ramone’s solo production and the third album of his studio discography. As you might expect, CJ has kept the Ramones in his heart and the music he plays is basically what his fans want to hear: simple and straight punk rock.


#6) Wild Cat by Danko Jones


DANKO JONES - Wild Cat - 800x800.jpg

Wild Cat is the eighth studio album by Danko Jones, which is the Canadian rock trio led by vocalist and guitarist Danko Jones, supported by John ‘JC’ Calabrese on bass guitar and Rich Knox on drums. The band is active since almost 20 years, and this is one of those groups that didn’t reach the attention of their fans through changes and innovations. And this last album is no exception. Wild Cat gives us in fact just another bunch of furious and totally enjoyable “macho” rock-party anthems. These guys draw on an inexhaustible source of catchy rock melodies and they just keep doing what they can do best, without too many frills or ambitions for musical evolution.


#7) Forever by Cock Sparrer


COCK SPARRER - Forever - 800x800.jpg

Cock Sparrer is a band of punk rock veterans that was formed in 1972 in the East End of London. The band has released in 2017 a new album, called Forever, which arrived 10 years after their previous LP. The lineup of the band is almost stable since 25 years, and these street rockers managed to realize a strong, vibrant, and damn enjoyable compilation of punk songs.


#8) Odd Boat by Flatfoot 56


FLATFOOT 56 - Odd Boat - 800x800.jpg

Odd Boat is the seventh album by Flatfoot 56, a band of American celtic punkers from Chicago, and maybe one of the best they released so far. The guys here keep playing their unique blend of traditional Irish folk music and punk rock, and the LP is filled with catchy tracks, infectious energy and passion.


#9)  The Trigger Complex by True Sounds Of Liberty


TRUE SOUND OF LIBERTY - The Trigger Complex - 800x800.jpg

True Sound of Liberty is another legendary Punk Rock band from the U.S. (according to many fans, as much inflential as Social Distortion and the Ramones). They have relesead this year the tenth studio album of a long career. Their discography explored many different influences other than just punk (from Gothic Rock to Glam Metal) and their lastLP, named The Trigger Complex, makes a sort of comeback to classic and hard-hitting punk, except maybe for a few tracks such as the new-wave oriented single I Wanted to See You.


#10) Seekers And Finders by Gogol Bordello


GOGOL BORDELLO - Seekers and Finders - 800x800

Gogol Bordello, the gipsy punk rockers from Manhattan, have crafted and consolidated through the years a unique musical blend of balkan beats and gipsy melodies played with a punk rock attitude. Their last album, Seekers and Finders, doesn’t find the band moving away from this succesful formula, and it has been recorded in a way that reproduces, to some extent, the sound and vibrations of their live gigs.



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