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September 2017, Best Rock Album of the Month: The Tower by Motorpsycho

When I was a student at the University, more than 20 years ago, Motorpsycho reached for me the status of a cult band and every year or so they repeated the rite of releasing a new album, which for me used to become a new relic to be worshiped. Between 1994 and 1998, in particular, this trio of Norwegian rockers released 4 albums that marked the “renaissance” of progressive rock in the ’90s. Their music was just wonderful. They played a genuine, engaging and exciting rock, a music gifted by a level of creativity that was really outside the boundaries of the human being,  with a powerful and devastating sound. In short, a myth. The story tells that at some point in their career the band faced a musical turn and the magic of those years was never to be repeated, probably not only because of their music but also because it was also my life that changed. Through the years I have continued to follow their steps, perhaps with less transport and passion but always with great interest. Their prolificity has been somewhat slowed, but they have continued to produce albums with a certain frequency. Recently, for some years now, their music is coming back to touch some special strings of my sensitivity and today, with their new work The Tower, it is as if they are again approaching that part of my body that is more sensitive to their music.

Motorpsycho - resized

The current lineup of the band features only two members of the original formation: Bent Sæther (lead vocals and bass) and Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan (guitars) and last year also the “young” drummer who supported the last 7 albums left the group to be replaced by  Tomas Järmyr from Zu, who was presented as the new permanent drummer of the band.

Kenneth Kapstad’s June 2016 departure from Motorpsycho left the remaining psychos Hans Magnus Ryan and Bent Sæther fending for themselves. An almost ten-year ride was over, and things were again changing in the Psychoverse. (Motorpsycho)

But as often happens with the rock groups, the arrival of a new member must have activated a new vein of creativity because the latest work from Motorpsycho is really amazing and full of so many  musical ideas that it really seem to be back to the magical period of their career.

Overall, as expected, this album is a massive piece that requires time to truly sink in. There is plenty to enjoy here and its sunny atmosphere is, so to speak, only occasionally blocked by clouds. For your yearly Motorpsycho fix, this is a magnificent journey. (Sputnik Music)

The Tower is definitely a must have LP, both for long-term fans and for those who have never come across this incredible band. We are talking about one of the most influential formations for contemporary rock, and with this record they only confirm the reason why.


Surviving yet another change in personnel, Motorpsycho bounces back and shows yet again that the band is bigger than the individual players and that it intends to survive whatever challenges fate throws at it. The Tower, then, is a statement of intent from a band that is very much alive and kicking: this is the start of a new era in the Psychoverse, and the album stands as proof that there’s bite in the old dog yet! (Motorpsycho)

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