The Most Popular Mixtapes of 2017

As per today, the number of mixtapes that were published on the blog during 2017 settles just above 80, which makes an average of a new playlist every 4 or 5 days. Among these mixtapes, some of them became particularly appreciated by the readers of the blog and I’m collecting here the most popular compiliations for you to enjoy them once again. And stay tuned because a final bunch of compilations are expected in the coming days to celebrate the best music of the year!

And remember that there are many free on-line services that you can use to download these mixes and listen them off-line. Just make a search on your search engine and you’ll be provided with many alternatives.


Guitar Jazz, when the magic travels on six strings

Featuring Ferenc SnetbergerRalph TownerJakob Bro, John Abercrombie (R.I.P.) and Mary Halvorson.


Best of Piano Jazz in 2017

Featuring Tigran HamasyanMEM3Colin VallonNote ForgetOmer KleinJan LundgrenOmar SosaAdrien Chicot and Cameron Graves.


SKYRIM BELONGS TO THE NORDS – An Epic Metal Compilation

Featuring Jeremy SouleNightwishAmorphisMyrathOrphaned LandTherionTYRSerious BlackArthemisBattle Beast and Lacuna Coil.


KINGS OF THE ROAD – Music for Stoners

Featuring As They ComeCairo Knife FightMastodonSasquatchBang BangalowKadavarCortez and All Them Witches.


Drops of Ancient Melodies – Classical Inspired Modern Contemporary Jazz

Featuring Benedikt JahnelGwilym SimcockMichael WollnyNote ForgetIiro Rantala and Aaron Goldberg.



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