The Most Beautiful Song of the Year

from the album Kaiho by KAUAN

(released September 22, 2017)


Lahja (Gift)

Aikaa on, vai onko sittenkään
kaikkeen siihen tärkeään
mitä voisi tehdä
ja mitä tahtoo nähdä

Kello mittaa tunnit päivien
vaan mikä mittaa elämää
syntymästä asti
kohti kuolemaa

Et voi ostaa mistään aikaa
kerjätä tai lainata
saat ajan aina lahjana

Ei kukaan hallita voi aikaa
pidentää tai lyhentää
aikaa voi vain lahjoittaa

It’s time, or at least it is
for everything that matters.
What could you do?
and what does he want to see?

Clock measures the hours of the days
but what is that measures life
from Birth
to Death

You can not buy the time,
beg it or borrow it.
You always get this gift as a gift

No one can control time,
extend it or shorten it.
Only time can donate itself.



Kauan is a typical case of a band who had to face a long and articulated journey through different genres before landing on the shores which at the end proved to be the best suited to convey the poetry of their music.

Started as a black and doom metal band, this group of musicians from Chelyabinsk, in Russia, first transformed their sound into a blend of post-rock and neo-folk, and eventually arrived to play an incredible combination of ambient music and atmospheric minimalism. The abandonment of metal sounds was already initiated by the band with the spectacular 2015’s album Sorni Nai, which is still one of the most incredible and thrilling LPs of the present decade (and the album is available for free at high quality on Kauan’s bandcamp page).

This year, with their new album named Kaiho, the process is now completed.

It’s not immediate to find a proper category for the music that is being played nowadays by these poets of modern music. But at this point we really don’t care. What really matters, in fact, is that we are in front of a musical masterpiece, an album that is capable to make you fly into magical soundscapes and feel pure and breathtaking emotions.
I will always express my gratitude to Kauan. What they have given to me in the recent years with their music is something unique and special.




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