PSYCHOROCK: The Mixtape with the Best Psychedelic Rock of the year! Volume 1: January 2018


The new year has just started and we have already collected enough material and inspiration to prepare the first mixtape of 2018! The reality is that in these first ten days of the year there have been a few very good release for psychedelic rock and it was relatively easy to assemble an exciting collection with the best songs from these new albums. The bands that contributed to this mixtape are King Buffalo, Weedpecker and Akula, and you can find more information about their albums in the following.

Enjoy this mix and check out for new releases in the forthcoming months. Some of these songs will be also included in the playlists that are available on Spotify, and my recommendation in this respect is to follow me on Twitter to stay informed of all the updates.

If 2017 ended with a party, 2018 starts with the psycho rock!!



King Buffalo is a trio of extremely talended psychedelic rockers from New York, in the U.S. Three years after their formation in 2013 the band released their first full-lenght work, Orion, which gained in short time a relevant consideration, initially limited to the underground scene but which rapidly expanded to an international audience. These guys play in fact a beautiful kind of psychedelic rock with many elements from blues, stoner and sludge. Early in 2018 the band published a short EP with three tracks, named Repeater, that in some way may be seen as an extension of the previous album. The title track, in particular, is an hypnotic and psychic anthem which grows along 13 minutes of pure musical beauty.


Weedpecker 1 - 1300

Weedpecker are a relatively new psychedelic stoner band from Poland. In the relatively short timespan of six years since their formation the band has already released three full-lenght LPs, all of them of absolute value. The last one, named III as the position that the album has in the discography of the band, is a joyful ride through desert soundscapes burned by the sun. There are many different influences in their sound but these guys from Warsav still managed to maintain a unique style and direction in their music, which may be summarized as a dirty and fuzzed version of stoner rock. A couple of songs of the album (Embrace and Liquid Sky) may be considered real masterpieces of this particular style of music


Akula - 1300

It’s not easy to find many details about Akula, this new band from Ohio, in the U.S., which dropped an intriguing album of psychedelic rock mixed with sludge and post-metal. The material included in this homonymous debut LP is extremely interesting and provide the listener with an absolutely innovative approach to this kind of music. Some elements of their songs, such as the clean vocal sections, are absolutely brilliant and in some moments create a very special contrast with the hardness of the guitars. The album consists of only 4 tracks – very long – and it’s basically divided in two sections: a radio-friendly first half with the most accessible music, and a more experimental second part where the band plays with more articulated rhythms and more dissonant and atmospheric sounds.


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