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Best of Heavy Metal in 2018, the first selection: Trespass, White Wizzard, Satan Jokers.

As we move forward in this new year the usual loads of new albums are released on every week and at this point we can already start collecting together the most beautiful albums for each single musical genre. We start today with an initial selection of the best 3 albums of classic heavy metal we heard so far. Before going further, however, I need to do the usual recommendation: if you landed on this page from a search engine, please check that this one is the latest update for this genre of music. There may be in fact  newer charts in the metal section of the blog. This article introduces the best releases in heavy metal in the first 12 days of the year; we can certainly expect many other publications in the months that will follow. That said, let’s proceed and see the best heavy metal records of the year up to now.


Best Heavy Metal album of the year, so far


Trespass - 1300

Born and established in the metal scene when the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal was the reference metal genre, Trespass had to go through various (and long) period of crisis along the 40 years that have passed since their formation. What we have today is the third reincarnation of the band, which sees two of the three orginal founders of the group (Dave Crawte and Mark Sutcliffe) supported by new traveling companions. With such new line-up, the band released a first homonymous  album in 2015, followed by this new LP, named Footprints in the Rock, released in the early days of 2018. As the title of the album suggests, the music played in the current days by Trespass is a blend of classic heavy metal with many rock influences. The band features three guitars, and the resulting effect is that of an hurricane of rock which releases healty doses of electrical energy, engaging riffs and tight rhythms. The album seems  composed of two distinct parts: the first is beautiful and exciting and features catchy and well-played tracks. The second part of the album is definitely weaker and this leaves at the end a sweet and bitter taste.


Number 2


Satan Jokers.jpg

Satan Jokers is a band of heavy metal veterans, actually one of the very first French heavy metal bands. These guys, apart from a hiatus of about twenty years started in the second half of the 80s, have been playing their music since their formation in 1981 and have published up to now 8 full-lenght albums. The last one, Symphönïk Kömmandöh, it’s an heavy metal ride in sixteen tracks; these songs have different levels of quality but the album is fun and enjoyable to listen. As the title suggests, for this new album the French metallers have called the support of a symphonic orchestra, but their style has not changed too much and at the end of the day it’s the usual collection of classic heavy metal tracks, sung in French.


Number 3


White Wizzard - 1300

White Wizzard is an heavy metal band from California which reached last year their tenth year of activity. Up to now their career has been marked by continuous revolutions in the line-up and probably the side events that have distinguished these ten years have had more resonance in the press and the metal scene than the music they have produced so far (just to make an example, one of their past singers was fired after he refused to get on stage for how much he was drunk and stoned). On the other hand their music has never wanted to shine for innovation and even this last album, Infernal Overdrive, fails to capture the listener’s attention if not for a few tracks that are a little more captivating than the rest. And as it already happened for many other records of this kind, we will save in our archives one or two tracks but we will hardly find ourselves listening to the album in its entirety.


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