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ONE ALBUM PER DAY (or almost that). Volume 1 (1-12)

The readers of this blog who follow me also on Twitter have noticed that from the beginning of this year I got into the habit, on every morning, to propose an album of the recent past, of which I also provide the link to Spotify and a very short introductory note, short enough to fit into the 280 characters of the tweet.

This started because very often I start listening to some music and then I find myself jumping from one artist to the next according to different logics, until I find a record that I find particularly interesting and meaningful. This is often an album that I missed or just left behind. I wanted to find a way to keep track of these records. quickly and easily, and soon I found myself writing down the links to these albums and, for each one, just a few brief sentences for helping me remember what caught my attention and why I thought it was important to keep the memory of that particular album. At that point I thought it could be nice to share these notes with my small group of followers, and for the reactions that I’m now seeing from these short posts on Twitter I can really say that there are many of them who appreciate my daily post.

In this article of the blog I report the first 12 albums which were recommended since the beginning of 2018. I hope this could be another way to give visibility and knowledge for these beautiful records and I believe that it can be also fun to scroll the list and maybe get an idea for putting some nice music in the background. Enjoy!

#1) Various ArtistsHendrix in the Spirit of Jazz (2017). Countless musicians in rock, pop and jazz have been influenced by Hendrix, and many have overtly based their own music on his.


#2) The Black Market Trust –  Folk Songs (2017). Through their handsome vocals and timeless melodies, the Los Angeles-based gypsy jazz band revisits classical melodies, gypsy waltzes and traditional acoustic folk songs.


#3) Lena NymarkTrapped In The Silence (2017). The Norwegian artist brings the issue of silence of our lives through innocent and disarming atmospheres, dipped in reserved melancholy.


#4) Lena NataliaAlmost Home (2017). In her last album, composer and pianist Lena Natalia draws a musical painting that is vividly impressive in its inspiring dimensions and aesthetics.


#5) Encuentro Tango QuintetCarta a Mi Amada (2017). The album features both original music of Angelo Petronio and the covers of the great classics of tango and milonga, all imprinted with lightness, inviting us to break free and dance.


#6) Luigi RubinoIl Soffio e la Luce (2016). Luigi Rubino is an exquisite and elegant Neapolitan pianist who recorded in this album 14 tracks of supreme beauty.


#7) Daniel HerskedalThe Roc (2017). The Norwegian Jazz tubist conducts a quintet of artists, fusing a unique mix of influences from folk, jazz, classical and Arabic music.


#8) Lorenzo MasottoWhite Materials (2017). The 4th full-lenght album released by the Italian composer fuses ambient atmospheres and classical fragments into a wonderful collection of delicate pieces.


#9) Nicole ZuraitisHive Mind (2017). Zuraitis’s career has already touched jazz, pop and classical. Her last beautiful album contains eight intimate original compositions and two covers which span these different music styles.


#10) Ilya BesheviNight Forest (2016). The music composed by this Russian artist transports the listener from dramatic soundscapes to calmer and more serene choruses.


#11) Faraj SuleimanOnce Upon a City (2017). The music composed by the Palestinian musician explores the relation between the Piano and Eastern music, with touching elements from Western culture including Jazz and Rock.


#12) Jacob PavekBloom (2016). This elegant album from the American composer offers a beautiful collection of melancholic themes, all played with grace and finesse.


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