Best New Music: STARCRAWLER (Self-Titled Album)

Starcrawler is a band of very young rockers from California who met and started playing music in High School (with the youngest member still being in High School). In an extremely short time – compared to what’s generally the case for any rock band – they polarized the attention of fans, critics and even a number of old glories of rock of the caliber of Ryan Adams and Elthon John, who contributed to promote their music. When a band reaches this kind of relevance in such a sudden and explosive way there is always the risk that the musical aspect remains in the background. And in this case it would be really a shame because this debut LP provides the listener with an excellent collection of rock songs, all of them exciting, relatively “raw” but at the same time accessible for a mainstream audience.

From a purely musical point of view, much of the beauty of this album comes from the natural way in which multiple influences where blended together to form something definitely new and extremely fresh. There is a persistent flavour of garage rock that permeates most of the songs of the LP, and this provides a nice feeling of immediacy and roughness to the tracks of the album.

Coming back to the overall phenomenon that has been generated around the band, it’s evident that this kind of success can not be for pure chance. The turning point, presumably, will be given by the forthcoming works. We will understand if the creativity and the special touch that these STARCRAWLER demonstrated in their debut album were only the result of a quick sparkling of fire or, on the contrary, they will become one of the most important rock groups of the next decade.

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