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Music Notes: interesting albums to be released in February 2018 (Turbonegro, Fu Manchu, Franz Ferdinand, Legend Of The Seagullmen, GoGo Penguin, Laurie Anderson and Kronos Quartet)

The first load of records of 2018 is almost running out and we’re ready in a few days to find out what good things in music will come out in February. Looking at the Music Notes of last month it’s easy to say that we certainly had some confirmations (for example the very good album by Bobo Stenson) but – as often happens – among the best publications of the last weeks there were many artists on which we didn’t pay particular attention at the beginning. Let’s repeat the same game: I indicate in this article which are the most interesting releases of next month, across all the main genres that are covered by the blog. We’ll see in thirty days from now how many of these artists have confirmed these expectations. Stay tuned!



Field Music, the indie rock band from UK, are going to publish on February 2nd their new album, Open Here, which will be the seventh of their discography. According to a number of interviews they released in the last few weeks, the new work should present an expansion of the sound that we have heard until today and therefore a certain level of experimentation. The single that was shared in anticipation of the new LP, Count It Up, is a nice and relatively light song that makes extensive use of sounds and effects from the music of the 80s. We’ll find out soon what the other songs on the album reserve for us.


This name won’t be known maybe for the majority of the readers of the blog and probably it will also arouse some perplexities, but in reality Turbonegro are a very respectable Norwegian punk rock band, initially active from 1989 to 1998 – their golden age – and then reformed fifteen years ago. Rock’n’Roll Machine, their forthcoming album to be released on February 2nd, will be the tenth of their discography and it interrupts a period of more than five years without official publications. From the singles that have been shared so far, we can defintely expect another good collection of their anarchic and enjoyable rock.


Franz Ferdinand is one of those groups that unfortunately failed to maintain the exceptional hype and interest which aroused with their first releases. In the two years in which they published their first two works, the self-titled Franz Ferdinand in 2004 and You Could Have It So Much Better in 2005, the group achieved incredible fame and resonance. Subsequent works did not keep the expectations and their aurea got a little blurred with time. On February 9 the band is releasing a new LP, the fifth of their career, and we will see if the guys from Glasgow will succeed in collecting the same appreciation of their first works. The single that’s playing now on Youtube, in this respect, it’s interesting enough to leave us hopeful for the full record.


Those who follow with fervent expectation any sign of activity from the mythical metal band TOOL will probably already be informed that while waiting to know the date (or the era) of the publication of the new album from the group, we can probably console ourselves with the debut work from Legend Of The Seagullmen, a new supergroup featuring TOOL’s founder Danny Carey on drums, Mastodons’s Brent Hinds on guitar, together with other interesting musicians. The debut self-titled LP from this band will be out on February 9, and everything we heard so far pointed in the direction of a great record.


Tith their previous records the jazz trio GoGo Penguin has gained the appreciation of an extremely wide musical population Thanks to the ability that they have shown to develop a type of jazz that attracted a very wide public, including those that usually don’t listen or appreciate this genre music. We could say, in other words, that they’re becoming the most liked jazz group for non-jazz listeners. The music played by this young British trio, in fact, incorporates extremely modern elements spanning from atmospheric music to rock, passing through electronic and modern classical music. GoGo Penguin has announced the release of their new album, named A Humdrum Star, which will be out on February 9. From what has been shared so far of this new record, the same formula will be repeated again and A Humdrum Star could easily become another successful entry in their discography.


Fu Manchu, the legendary stoner rock band from Southern California, will release on February 9th the long awaited new album Clone of the Universe, which arrives four years after the excellent previous LP GigantoidThis album is expected to be one of the most important events for the stoner scene in 2018, in the same way as Emporor of Sand by Mastodon did last year. At this point we have to hope that Fu Manchu’s new record will confirm the big expectations we have at the moment, because the single released by the band as an anticipation of the forthcoming album – which is also the title track of the LP – looks a litte static and without too much inspiration. Let’s see what happens.


American avant-garde artist and composer Laurie Anderson and the renowned American string quartet Kronos joined efforts to produce what seems to be a great record, Landfall, which is expected for release on February 16th. The music was presented in occasion of a concert in New York and the reviews were extremely positive. Also the tracks that are already available show a very particular juxtaposition of strings and electronics.


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