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THE SOUND OF THE PATRIOT, Music for Missile Attacks

(March 25th, 2018) A rebel group in Yemen said it fired a volley of ballistic missiles toward cities in Saudi Arabia late Sunday, including the capital, Riyadh, where at least one person was killed by shrapnel, according to a statement by the rebels and the official Saudi Press Agency. The Saudi military said it had intercepted seven missiles, including three aimed at Riyadh, where red missile trails were visible in the night sky amid loud booms. The military’s claim could not be independently confirmed. Videos shared on social media appeared to show a projectile — possibly a Patriot missile sent to intercept the incoming rebel fire — crashing to the ground shortly after it was launched. (The Washington Post)


A few weeks ago a was in Riyadh for business. My hotel was located close to the area of the airport, the intended target of the ballistic missile attack conducted against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A was awaken by the shockwave and the blast of the batteries of Patriot interceptors: three fires for each incoming missile, nine fires in total.

This mixtape was inspired by the events of that night and you’ll find there some of the heaviest and strongest metal tracks of the last few months. The tracklist features bands such as Necrophobic, Morbid Angel, Decapitated and Voidhanger. Enjoy this mixtape and scroll down after the widget for the lyrics of the selected songs from the compilation (you’ll see how they are related to the main subject of the mixtape)


TSAR BOMBA by Necrophobic


I am the master
A ruler of things to be
A matter aware of itself
Destined to rise above
I am a slave
Addicted to my purpose
No limits no boundaries can hold me down
I am the envy of god

Tsar Bomba
Behold the star
Risen from the ashes of Eden
Behold the Tsar
The final round
The serpent grin

Tsar Bomba
The crown of man
Risen from the ashes of slavery
Behold the Tsar
The final round
The serpent

We are the masters
We suck the blood of life
Impaler of gods, destroyer of lies
We hear the call from flesh
We are legion, we are one
We are the crown of creation
Deemed to march with open eyes
We are the envy of gods

Hail thee, o serpent
The offering that made us open our eyes
Out of the suffocating bliss of Eden
Our will shall be the whole of the law

I taste the unholy forbidden enigma
A succulent bitterness grasps my soul
Vanya, kuzkina mat

For thousands of aeons
Through chaos I have dwelled
I am the one of many names
Rejected, cast aside

I’ve mastered the master
Set the spark of life aflame
I’ve planted my seed
The will to power
The nectar of the gods



EARTH SCAR by Decapitated


I scarify my brain with memories
The intensive taste of yesterday’s air
The breath of freedom, the breath of fate
Distance between million names and places
The touch of native life, the culture’s spell
I’m a man born to settle but with soul born to stray

The source of my being, the core of this path
I’m raising my army stronger than death

The sacred art of waiting, humble votary
Time leaks through the days lost in dissolving dates
The hour of sacrum. The sacrum of stage
Sweet mantra of life, the cure that revives!
I morph into the shaman performing the rite
Trance of the screaming faces, the voice of my tribe
Mellifluous prayer that will never fade
Hear the common rhythm pulsating in our veins

The source of my being, the core of this path
I’m raising my army stronger than death

I’m digging my earth scar. Step after step
Against everything I follow my fate
I’m digging, my earth scar till I dig my grave
Wherever I’ll fall, I’ll fall as a fulfilled man!

I’m digging my earth scar. Step after step
Against everything I follow my fate





Bring before me anyone who opposes my name
Bring before me any voice that speaks in disdain of me
Bring before me any force that would challenge my will
Bring before me every vessel that is filled with doubt

Erase them from my kingdom
We have no way to feed them
Burn down every home that keeps them safe at night
Rape them as you wish their daughters
Feed the wolves their mothers, erase them
Make sure that every father sees his son die, before he bleeds
Erase them and let the kingdom see it

Erase them
Take the gold and burn the rest
Torture any fool that does not submit
Erase them
Have them swear devotion, then cut out their tongue
Torture any fool that does not submit
Make them believe in this



NAPRZOD DONIKAD! by Voidhanger

(translated from Polish)

Dawn like dawn, drunk with disgust
Extending the night stoned with emptiness
He will leave as he came, without fire and trumpets
In the silence of a fall louder than bombs

But before he goes away, I will look again
A body of hope unaware of his death
And with an anointing spit in her face faded
Greetings bitch, now and always

Forward to nowhere!
Up a banner of doubt

Listen to the song of agony
A foul prophecy
A thousand swan songs
From the throat of silent death
A new type of hell, asphalt kitchen
Here, God is looking at me, with the eyes of ruins

Forward to nowhere!
Up a banner of doubt
With nothing in the eyes and anger on the lips
Long live the destruction!

Poisonous bitterness of being
The essence of true faith
Tomorrow will be like yesterday
Only paler, colder

And nothing will change, an endless end
The pantheon of the vacuum is burning with the fire of madness
A new type of hell, asphalt kitchen
Here, God is looking at me, with the eyes of ruins





With the will to break restraints
Driven by sensuality and spirit
Torn back and torn forth
From reality to illusion

Quixotic games you play
Dazed by the grace of fiction
A naked soul, without a shell
(a tool) is celebrating

Beauty… the great heaven
Great heaven

Sublime and transcendent
Opaque, veiled and deceiving
A flower which inflicts fierce wounds
Black queen against the pawn
Your renaissance is my downfall

Who am I?

Trapped in the spell
Of aesthetic contemplation
Out of virtue and rigid reason
Just to obey thy rule

Who am I?

Insatiable desire
Can never be satisfied
Deceptive games
Never be won
Never be won…




Polarized, divisive drowning in strife
Technically I still exist, but not in my mind
Wake up, take it in, exhale, repeat
Fire up, freak out, let it go
Angry man
Septic tank
Toxic lies
Rejection of reality
Cuts through like a knife
Wake up, take it in, exhale, repeat
Fire up, freak out, let it go
Silence of majority
Silver linings prevail
Golden dreams remember
Remember to…



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