Funny Coincidences: may the legendary and worldwide acclaimed electronic duo “Daft Punk” be inspired by an Australian Death Metal Band?

One of the advantages of listening to so many different musical genres is that sometimes you may discover “inspirations” and “coincidences” that are almost incredible to believe. A few months ago I pointed out the impressive similarity between a song from Kyuss, the legends of stoner music, and an historical Scottish ballad of a few centuries ago.

Today, while I was running early in the morning with one of my heavy metal compilations playing loudly in my headphones, at some point I realized that one of the fantastic riffs that I was listening in that moment reminded me of something I had already heard from another song. A couple of km after I had the final revelation: it was one of the songs from the last (and beautiful) LP from the Daft Punk. The metal song which generated this musical connection is “Venator” from Be’lakor, which – I must admit – is one of the favourite songs from one of my favourite bands. Later on, while at home, I could eventually check my intuition and I verified that effectively there is a very strong similarity between one of the central riffs of Be’lakor’s song (dated 2009) and “Instant Crush“, a track included in Daft Punk’s Random Access Memory, which is the fourth and latest LP from the French electronic music duo.

Here is the comparison between the motifs from the two songs. You will agree that the resemblance is remarkable. Coincidence? Inspiration? Something different? Hard to say, as usual.




Daft Punk have never hidden their appreciation for rock music, but Be’lakor is certainly not a band known to everybody. Founded in 2004, this Australian melodic death metal band has released four LPs. Stone’s Reach their second LP and the one that contains the song “Venator”, is considered almost unanimously as their best work so far.

Here are the complete versions of the two songs. Enjoy!





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