BE LEGENDARY – Music For Running


There are few things more beautiful in life than running along an outdoor path listening to good music in the earphones. And everyone who has the passion for running knows very well what happens in terms of performance when you’re listening to the right music.

Many of the mixtapes that I publish on this blog accompany my running sessions. However, the one I’m publishing today has been designed specifically for running. Everything in this mix, from the choice of songs to the order of the tracks, has been carefully selected having in mind outdoor running.

In terms of music, the compilation collects some of the best alternative rock tracks that have been released in the last 18 months. You will find therefore some of the most recent tracks but also many of the successes of last year. The complete tracklist is the following:

  • Be Legendary by Pop Evil
  • Silence Is The Gift by War On Women
  • The Violence by Rise Against
  • Crack My Heart by Tonight Alive
  • Lustration by Circa Survive
  • Death Camp Fantasy by Hot Snakes
  • She Said by Pennywise
  • True Believer by Hoobastank
  • Wild Flowers by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
  • Hurry Up & Die by Turbonegro
  • Perfect Mistake by 311
  • American Attraction by Anti-Flag
  • Is It Gonna Be The Year by Senses Fail
  • Communicator by Rainer Maria
  • The Fat Proprietor by Navier Gene

There isn’t anythinge else to do now than lacing up your shoes, taking a drink of water, putting on your headphones and go! Good workout!


For those who can’t listen the mix with the streaming service while they run, there are many services online that may help you to download the playlist. In any case feel free to contact me if you want the mp3 file.




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