THE ORIGIN OF ALL EVIL, a Doom Metal Compilation by Guerino

Cover Photo by Martin Tosterud


“We need more understanding of human nature, because the only real danger that exists is man himself. He is the great danger. And we are pitifully unaware of it. We know nothing of man … far too little. His psyche should be studied — because we are the origin of all coming evil

Carl Jung, 1969, Interview with John Freeman



Inspired and motivated by the success of the article that was published a few days ago where I reviewed the Best Doom Albums of the Year, I’ve selected the best doom songs of 2018 and mixed them in one of my compilation. When listening to the songs, I found also a common thread among the songs, it seemed to me that all the pieces were telling – in a different way – about the fragility of the human being. This is the story behind the compilation which I present to you today: a desperate and painful journey alongside the demons of the human mind.

The tracklist of the mixtape features most of the bans that were reviewed a few days ago, with the addition of a final track by Chilean sludge duo tallMOTH.

  • “Man Cannot Stand the Meaning of His Life” (Intro) by Guerino
  • Malstrøm by Grajo
  • Tulsi by Messa
  • Atacama by Mistica
  • Petalas by Sinistro
  • Demons Of The Mind by Witchsorrow
  • Sclera by thallMOTH

Enjoy the music, and come back here often to check for future releases.




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