BURKAN, a.k.a. Living Under The Threat. A Metal Compilation


The Burkan-2H (Arabic H-بركان 2) is a mobile short-range ballistic missile used by the Houthis militants in Yemen. The Burkan-2H was first revealed to the international community when it was launched one year ago at Saudi Arabia, on 22 July 2017.


I hope you’ll enjoy this relatively short but “explosive” mixtape with some of the best groove metal songs that have been released in 2018. It’s inspired by the launches of the ballistic missile in Middle East and it features many of the bands that were reviewed on my recent article on groove metal, including Machine Head, Accu§er and Jungle Rot.

These are thirty minutes of pure devastation, terror and adrenalin, like the emotion you feel when you understand to be under missile attack. Enjoy!



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