Quick Review: “Steelfactory” by U.D.O.

Fans of classic heavy metal don’t need any particular introduction to U.D.O.. The german heavy metal band was founded by lead vocalist Udo Dirkschneider almost 30 years ago soon after his departure from Accept. Since then, many musicians have alternated in support of the singer and the band has released a new studio LP with a certain regularity, typically every couple of years.

The most recent re-incarnation of the band – after the last reshuffle of musicians – had already released an album in 2015 and with the exception of the return of the historic guitarist Stefan Kaufmann the same line-up has recorded the new and more recent LP, Steelfactory, which is the sixteenth studio album in the wide discography of the band.

Are there any particular changes in the new 13 songs of the last album? No. Is this necessarily a negative element? No. The type of heavy metal conceived and played by the band in Steelfactory is timeless and this statement, in its simplicity, summarizes both the positive and negative aspects of this type of music. From a technical point of view the album is unexceptionable, both for what concerns the performance of the musicians and the recording. Stylistically we denote an increased recourse to “hard-rock” choruses and anthems, greatly supported by simple riffs and slamming rhythms.

In summary: that’s a record that doesn’t stray away from the typical sound that the band has offered in the last 30 years and, for the good or the bad, that’s what the most intransigent fans of heavy metal want from a record like this.

Steelfactory is available for streaming on Spotify.

My favorite song from the album is Blood on Fire.


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