Quick Review: “MxPx” by MxPx

It’s always nice when there are historical bands that keep on playing their music and manage also to maintain their sound fresh and immediate. MxPx, the American punk band led by Mike Herrera (who’s also now part of Goldfinger), is active since more than 25 years and in this quarter of century they have released twelve studio albums and several other recordings.

Their last effort, called MxPx as the name of the band, continues to offer that immediate and catchy style of “skate punk” that the group has helped to affirm and promote to this day. Simplicity, optimism, energy, these are the main ingredients that Herrera and his bandmates mix together in their songs. There are no ambitions of modernity or even the desire to surprise with any innovation or evolution, rather we have the restatement of an oiled and successful mechanism, whichis basically what people expect from MxPx: fast power chords, anthems, franty rythms and loads of positivity. In this respect the style and sound of MxPx have remained almost consistent across all of their releases.


Their last self-titled LP, in the end, it’s made to reassure the fans, in particular those who supported the recording through crowfunding (the album has been made without recording labels). If only there were a few memorable choruses or riffs, the album would be even more effective. Basically this is a record which lasts and unleashes its energy for the limited time it runs in our stereo systems: there won’t be tangible traces of it when the music ends. As simple as this, for the bad or the good.

The new LP by MxPx can be listened on Spotify. My favorite tracks are Life Goals and Uptown Streets.


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