Quick Review: “Disease” by Beartooth

Disease by Beartooth is one of those records for which the marketing department has launched and financed an intense and massive promotional campaign. I came across the announcement of the LP in many of the places which I commonly frequent on the Internet, including generalist platforms like Reddit. On the other hand, it’s no secret that the band from Ohio has always searched for the attention of larger audiences of listeners, and they did this by playing a particularly catchy version of hardcore punk, and also by incorporating in their music many of the various influnces and trends that appeared in the metal scene of the last ten years.

By the way, we cannot say that the music contained in Disease isn’t engaging and fun. The mixture of metalcore, nu-metal and punk rock that Caleb Shomo and his bandmates have conceived for their latest album is so damn immediate and easy to assimilate that we soon find ourselves shaking the head at the powerful rhythms of the guitar riffs or singing the choruses soon after we hear these for the first time



Predictable, formulaic, these are some of the adjectives that have been used to describe Beartooth’s music in a negative fashion, and to some extent they are not so far from reality. But when heaviness and catchiness are combined together in such a brilliant manner, we can definitely live with it. And even if this is clearly a product built for mainstream audiences there’s no shame in enjoying the songs and forget the rest.

Music that doesn’t take any risk is not expected to leave deep marks in listeners memorie. Music, however, it’s beautiful because there are so many different things that we can enjoy and every so often it may be nice and even healthy to appreciate a record just because it’s fun and energic. In this respect, the immediacy and freshness we appreciate in Disease cannot be only the result of a perfect production.

Beartooth’s new album can be streamed from Spotify.

My highlights: Manipulation, Enemy and Fire.



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