Quick Review: “Humans” by Anesthesia

Anesthesia is a unsigned and independent thrash metal band from Albuquerqe, in New Mexico (about which it’s also quite difficult to find any good picture on the web). Formed in 1997, they have released four studio LPs to date. Their most recent release, Humans, arrives three years after their previous record, and this is also the shortest time-gap in their discography between two consecutive albums. Not a highly prolific formation, thus, but at least we can appreciate in their records how the band seem to spend a relatively high effort for composing and recording songs that result varied and generally different one from the other.

The style of thrash that is played by Anesthesia lingers on moderately slow rhythms. In their songs the melodic component results absolutely predominant over the more aggressive and furious aspects of conventional thrash. In general terms their sound is reminiscent of the early 90s and in many sections of the album you feel like Chuck Billy from Testament is singing over some of Metallica‘s Black Album songs. The overall result, however, definitely is interesting and all the various sources of inspiration have been mixed with by Anesthesia with a certain amount of originality.

In the end, despite being a relatively minor figure in contemporary thrash scene, Anesthesia have perfectioned in the last twenty years their own genuine and characteristic style of metal. And if you’re one of those who prefer melodic and mid-paced thrash songs compared to the typical furious and brutal ones that you have in this genre of music, Humans will provide you with a good bunch of new tracks to enjoy.

Humans is available on CDBaby and it may be streamed also from Spotify.

My highlights: Dog and Walls.




Anesthesia are featured in THRASH METAL FEAST, the playlist I’m curating on Spotify with all the best and latest thrash metal songs. Listen to it, follow it and spread the word!




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