MODERN BATTLES – A Thrash Metal Compilation

Enjoy this brand new mixtape with the best and newest songs in Thrash Metal. Fifteen bands, one hour of music with no pauses for a total and unconditional metal attack.

This compilation features songs that were released in the time-span between September and November 2018. All new tracks, from both major formations and emerging bands.

The complete tracklist is as follows:

  • The Face of Fear by Artillery
  • Betray Your Beliefs by Battlegrave
  • The Truth by Calamity
  • Corporatocracy by Crimson Slaughter
  • Eyes Of The Land by Cultural Warfare
  • First Class by Darkness
  • We’re Done With You by Death Ray Vision
  • Manic by Desecrator
  • Demolition Man by Flotsam and Jetsam
  • By The Numbers by Metal Church
  • Bring Out The Monster by Gama Bomb
  • Endless Decay by Injury
  • Total Rejection by Necronomicon
  • Fool’s Gold by Red Front
  • Feed The Herd by Royal Rage

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