WHATCHAWANT – Music from the Golden Age (Part 1)

I believe it’s absolutely natural that we feel a special and visceral connection with the music that we used to listen when we were teenagers. When we compare it with the music that’s produced today, older tunes always look more strong, exciting, and also original than what the new generations are listening nowadays. Nevertheless, it’s objectively agreed that across the 80s and 90s an incredible phenomenon was experienced in which artists from different backgrounds began to expand the boundaries of their music by mixing genres and cultures, creating something unique and spectacular, which today still shines with a special light. Bands like Rage Against The Machine, Beastie Boys, Linkin Park, they all contributed to sign one of the most influential periods of the history of modern music. I call it “The Golden Age of Music“.

WHATCHAWANT is a project which is aimed at selecting, collecting and mixing together the music that was produced in the Golden Age of Music. You’ll find here only the best songs, those who influenced huge masses of fans and followers.

PART 1 is the first chapter of the project. It’s a mix of 30 minutes with an initial bunch of songs. Other parts will follow. Enjoy it and spread the word!

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