Quick Review: “The End of Chaos” by Flotsam and Jetsam

It took exactly 43 seconds to realize that the new album by Flotsam and Jetsam was going to give me a lot of satisfactions. This is the time, in fact, at which the brief intro is finished and we start hearing the fantastic groovy bass line that signs the start of the thrash ride. Yes, because this is precisely what we have in The End of Chaos: an uninterrupted and healthy sequence of epic and headbanging riffs, from the first to the final song of the record. And it’s extremely satisfying for all the lovers of this fantastic genre of music.

Arrived at the thirteenth studio LP of their discography, the recipe of their music is more or less the same: a thick and solid base of thrash metal, and on top lots of heavy and power metal inserts. During their long career some of the interpreters have changed, but the content of their offer has remained substantially intact, with few highs and lows. With The End of Chaos we are close to the top of their production and today their sound feels fresher than ever. The new band’s drummer, in particular, provided an outstanding and energetic performance that to some extent revitalized all the rest of the line-up.

Compared to their previous releases, The End of Chaos seems a little heavier, and also faster. It looks like the band wanted to demonstrate that they are still in good shape and they have no intention to give up on intensity or speed. There are no ballads in the new LP, no mid-tempo songs. Fortunately, such levels of compactness and vehemence are supported by melodies and riffs that are always effective and catchy to hear, making this 49 minutes ride extremely exciting and rewarding.

The singing technique and the presence of so many inserts from power metal make their songs a little “vintage”, but it’s much better to have an old-fashioned sound and lots of good ideas rather than a modern feeling but flat and useless songs. What I’m saying is that many of the new and emerging thrash bands should really buy The End of Chaos and start studying it.

My rating for the LP is an enthusiastic 7.5/10.

Favorite songs: Demolition Man, Prisoner of Time, Architects of Hate, and Prepare for Chaos.

The End of Chaos is available on Bandcamp and it can be streamed from Spotify.

Songs from The End of Chaos are now featured in THRASH METAL FEAST, the only continuously updated Playlist with the best and latest thrash metal songs. Listen to it and follow it!

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