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Quick Review: “Wraith” by Teeth Of The Sea

When you listen to so much music every day, it’s difficult that something really manages to amaze you for its originality and its unclassifiability. But when it happens, the attention sky-rises and, in my case, I start to feel a shiver of pleasure running through my body.

In the case of Wraith, which is the new album by the experimental English band Teeth Of The Sea, the experience was even more special. The first track of the album (I’d Rather, Jack) began to attract my attention with a cool electronic baseline and, on top of that, intriguing melodies played with trumpet and various other noises that were difficult to identify. At this stage, however, everything was still quite regular.

With the second track (Hiraeth), things became more serious. The roles, in this case, were apparently reversed: the song begins with the noises and the trumpet, then we hear a simple but effective rhythm played by a warm bass, and some light electronics to complete the atmosphere. At some point, however, there is a completely out of context guitar arpeggio with a southern flavour, something that I would never have associated with this type of song but which proved to fit very well with the rest of the sounds.

At the third track (Burn of the Shieling), everything became clear: there are no rules in this LP. We have again the trumpet, but it’s dissolved into ambient soundscapes that are at the same time placid and a bit haunting. Going forward with the other tracks, it turns out that each song is really a story in itself, and this actually makes the record absolutely unclassifiable according to the standard canons: there is electronic, jazz, psychedelia, noise, and traces of metal. But all is combined in a superb way and with lots and lots of class and creativity.

Teeth of the Sea define themselves as a psychedelic trio, and no one can deny that their music represents the ideal soundtrack for hallucinatory journeys outside the physical reality. The experience, in any case, is beautiful: the trip that we can live through the music of Wraith is characterized by notes of positivity and, to some extent, of well-being.

Since their formation in 2006, London-based Teeth Of The Sea have metamorphosized into the most adventurous psychedelic rock outfit in the UK. Taking on board influences like Morricone, Eno, Delia Derbyshire, Goblin, and the Butthole Surfers , they’ve arrived at an incendiary sound that marries the aural enlightenment of an avant-garde sensibility with the reckless abandon of trashy rock & roll.

From Teeth Of The Sea’s Bandcamp page

To fully enjoy this music, however, you should find a relaxing place and listen to the album with good headphones or, more in general, any means that would allow appreciating the thousands of details that are in the LP.

Wraith is the fifth record of the London formation and is certainly among the bests of their career. My judgment is very positive, I assign to the record a convinced 7/10.

My favourite songs are: Her Wraith, Hiraeth and Gladiators Ready.

Wraith is available on Bandcamp and it can be streamed from Spotify.

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